Speaker Chatfield Wants More Detailed Plans From Governor

Many see Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s recent executive order as excessive and ultimately doing unnecessary damage to Michigan and the economy.

Many say prohibiting jobs like lawn care and construction, that can be done with proper social distancing, is an unnecessary precaution. They say prohibiting solo and family boating is excessive or not allowing gardening supplies.

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield agrees. He has an issue all of Michigan being treated as one, Northern Michigan treated like Detroit and he would like to know what the plan is moving forward to change that.

“We can both protect the public safety and be reasonable in our restrictions,” says Chatfield, “What we’re seeing across the country, are states handling this different ways because all states are different. The fact is, Michigan is also very diverse and I think we should have a regionalized risk-based plan that instead of putting people in our state against each other by determining who is essential and who is not essential, we have to start thinking what safe versus unsafe.”

The legislature will meet at the end of the month to decide whether to extend the State of Emergency or not. This would decide what power the governor will have.

In her address on April 9, Gov. Whitmer talked about why her order includes businesses like landscaping and golfing and why she isn’t tailoring social distancing rules based on the number of cases in each region. You can hear from her on those topics here.

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