Talking Trash: Cadillac Teacher Encourages Student Recycling Club

Usually, students look to the adults as role models but in this case, it’s the students setting quite the example.  A third-grade teacher at Kenwood Elementary in Cadillac, Samantha Garner started a recycle club for her students four years ago.  The idea took off and the kids not only took part on a daily basis but worked together to understand the importance.

Everything from paper, cardboard, plastics, and glass are collected throughout the school day and then taken to Ms. Green Shredding and Recycling Services in Cadillac.  Samantha Garner says it’s a way for her students to pick up on the need to recycle and pass it on to their own families once they’re home from school.

For more information about the recycling club at Kenwood Elementary click here.

For a link to Ms. Green Shredding and Recycling click here.

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