Cadillac High School Student Starts Baking Club With Help from Community Donation

A Cadillac High School student is spreading her love of baking to her classmates and the community.

Maddy Stange, a sophomore at Cadillac High School started a baking club at school with the help from a generous donation from the Cadillac Youth Advisory Committee.

They donated $1,500 to help get the club started.

Stange also has her own business called Maddy Cakes but wanted to give others the opportunity to learn how to bake as well.

She says none of it would have been possible without the help they received from the youth advisory committee.

“We came in here with nothing bad we bought some bowls, spatulas. We also bought two kitchen aid stand mixers which was a big investment,” said Stange.

The group of about ten students bake every other week and sell their treats to students during lunch.