Sweetwater Floral Tackles the Grocery Store Challenge

Grocery store flowers are about to get a makeover.

Kalin Sheick, with Sweetwater Floral, and Michelle Dunaway are turning the Heritage House Kitchen into their own personal floral design space.

Kalin is putting Michelle to the test to prove you can make something beautiful with blooms from your favorite local supermarket.

“A lot of the time the only access that we do have to fresh flowers up here in Northern Michigan, until mid-summer when our gardens are blooming, is grocery store flowers,” Kalin says. “And people tend to think they are so junky, nothing is going to work for me. And I say that you just need to know a few tips to breath life into them.”

Watch the video above to see how these flowers can go from “junky” to trendy.

To learn more about Kalin and her floral design studio and farm, visit sweetwaternorth.com.

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