Ventriloquist Richard Paul Stokes Up the Fun at Alpenfest

There is certainly no shortage of fun at the 54th Annual Alpenfest in Gaylord—and a visit must be paid to see a certain ventriloquist.

Richard Paul has been coming to Alpenfest from downstate for the past decade, with many calling him the “Funny Puppet Guy.”

“I enjoy coming to Alpenfest, it’s so much fun,” Paul says.

He introduced his audience to Jake Jake the Pig, who is “just a pig in a picture,” but also one of Paul’s comedic partners in his performance.

Paul is self-taught from the age of 12 after being sick and missing school inspired him to explore puppetry after watching “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” and “Sesame Street.”

He saw Paul Winchell perform on T.V. and “Was totally blown away.”

After that, Paul says he had to learn how to do ventriloquism, too.

Now as a seasoned ventriloquist veteran, Paul says he still enjoys what he does.

Watch the video above to learn more!

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