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Investigators: New York City Terror Attack Suspect Spent Weeks Planning

Inspired by ISIS.

Investigators say the suspect in the New York City terror attack spent weeks planning it.

Police say Sayfullo Saipov used a rented truck to plow down a crowd of people on a bike path in the shadow of the World Trade Center memorial, killing eight and hurting more than a dozen others.

Five of those killed were from Argentina and were celebrating their 30th high school reunion.

Another was from Belgium.

It ended when police say Saipov crashed into a school bus filled with children, before being shot in the stomach by an officer and arrested.

Saipov moved to the U.S. on a green card from Uzbekistan in 2010.

New York’s governor says he somehow became radicalized domestically.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says New Yorkers will not give in to this terror.

The streets where the attack happened will stay closed into the night as investigators search block by block to collect evidence and reconstruct the timeline.

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