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Manton Motel Explosion Origin Surfaces In Court Documents, Father Reacts

"It’s like a nonstop battle for these kids,” says Robert Adams, the father of one boy involved in a devastating fire nearly two months ago.

A mother and her two sons are still recovering from an explosion that leveled half of Manton’s Green Mill Motel.

We’re starting to learn more about what caused that explosion.

Our crews were on scene as flames ripped through half of the motel back in May.

Court documents show what investigators believe caused the explosion.

It started in Amanda Skardoudos’ room, sending Amanda and her sons, Brian Thomas Adams and Marcus Adams, to different hospitals, one to a specialist in Boston due to the severity of his burns.

Last month, Michigan State Police revealed they found butane containers inside that room.

In continuing coverage, 9&10’s Cody Boyer spoke to the father of one of the boy and shows us what else the court documents reveal.


Robert Adams is the father of Brian Thomas Adams, who was flown to Boston with more than 70 percent of his body covered in burns.

It’s been almost two months since the Green Mill Motel was reduced to rubble, starting in a room in front where Amanda Skardoudos’ car still sits.

Robert Adams has went to Boston to stay at his son’s side.

“Brian had a rough week, but he ended up perfect,” Adams says. “Yesterday, he started being able to respond when the nurse was asking him questions. She asked him if he was comfortable. He said yes."

More than 20 surgeries later, Robert says it’s an up and down struggle.

“There’s really no words I could put for the stress that I’m feeling,” Adams says. “It’s nonstop. It’s around the clock. I can’t sleep. I got to wake up when I’m trying to lay down to go check on my son."

Robert says one of the groups that helped Brian is going above the call to help him survive.

“The Shriner’s Hospital and everything they do for families is just phenomenal,” Adams says. “All of his treatments and everything, whatever they couldn’t figure out or whatever has to happen, I will never see a bill from the Shriner’s Hospital. That is a phenomenal organization.”

Court documents reveal that state police believe the manufacturing of hash oil started the explosion.

Inside, they found 87 grams of marijuana, 19 butane tanks and tools that point to making drugs.

An underground gas meter may have made the explosion even bigger.

Questions answered, Robert says, but at what cost?

“I understand about what happened now, but it’s just like what is the next procedure going to be?" Adams says. "Not only do they have to deal with this for the rest of their lives but they are also going to have to deal with one day, the realization of what actually happened to them."

Robert says he is coming back to Wexford County Juvenile Court for a child protection hearing related to the explosion, which will be Thursday morning.

No charges are filed at this time.

Robert has a GoFundMe page set up to help fund the recovery effort.

To check it out and donate to the effort, .

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