Dozens Of Antique Cars Finish The Great Race In Traverse City

Dozens of antique cars in Traverse City Sunday as they completed the Great Race.

It’s antique car race that starts in Florida, goes up to the border of Canada and ends in Traverse City.

The race is limited to cars built in 1971 or earlier.

It runs over nine days stopping in 10 different towns.

Racers travel more than 2,000 miles in hopes to win the grand champion prize of $50,000.

This year was Richard Schneider’s third year racing in his 1969 silver Mercedes.

“It’s an opportunity see parts of the country you would never normally be able to see because it avoids the interstates and sticks to the back roads and it’s really neat to see small towns across the country. The other thing that’s really neat about it is we are greeted by thousands of people that are cheering us on when we pass through a town,” says Schneider.

Around 90 cars completed the race.