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East Jordan’s Annual Freedom Fest Kicks Off

East Jordan’s turning red, white, and blue for a popular summer event.

The Freedom Festival began Wednesday. The festival features different events each night.

Wednesday night at Memorial Field, there will be old time kid’s games to play, bean bag toss, balloon animals, all for free.

The Freedom Festival is the pride and joy of East Jordan’s summer.

“People have a lot of fun, it’s a lot of hard work for us, we’re looking to have a good set-up here, almost finished, were looking forward to good weather and were looking forward to the fireworks as well,” said Samantha Zimmerman, who was setting up for the festival.

Throughout the week there will be parades, prizes, and more. Carnival games open tomorrow.

The Freedom Festival goes off with a bang Saturday night with a fireworks display in the center of town.

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