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Mother Shares Memories, Celebrates Life Of Son After Losing Him To Tragic Accident In West Bay

Promo Image: Mother Shares Memories, Celebrates Life Of Son After Losing Him To Tragic Accident In West Bay

“The hardest part is knowing that the phone isn’t going to ring with him on the other end,” said Susan Cummins.

A mother grieving the loss of her 18 year old son.

North Cummins lost his life in West Grand Traverse Bay on Sunday.

North was canoeing with his friend Isaac when the canoe tipped over.

Because of the high winds and cold water temperatures, North went under and could not be rescued in time.

9&10’s Whitney Amann talked to North’s mother who wants to share memories of her son and celebrate his life.

Witty, charming, funny and making sure everyone around him is happy are just a few of the qualities North’s mom is remembering about her son.

“He never ended a sentence, a text, a phone call, anything without I love you mom,” said Susan.

And those were the last words that Susan Cummins heard from her son North, who was just 18.

A tragic accident in West Grand Traverse Bay took his life last weekend.

“I received a phone call that said there was a drowning in the Bay today and they think that it’s your son and I just died,” said Susan. “I hoped it wasn’t him, I heard they think and for just one second you have hope.”

North leaves behind a big family and his two month old daughter, Marley Grace.

“Identical, if I look at North’s baby picture and I look at Marley’s its like looking at the same baby,” said Susan. “Just really was a very loving, caring young man and he was just finding himself, just starting to find himself and discover fatherhood.”

Susan wants her granddaughter to know how loving a father she had and how he would do anything for anyone.

“I believed that someday he would definitely be something that he was just too special not to and well now it’s too late and I don’t want it to ever happen to anyone else,” said Susan.

And an important lesson that Susan wants others to learn from her loss.

“Just hug your children and make sure they’re aware that what looks like fun, isn’t always fun and that just to wear a life jacket and be aware,” said Susan.

A has been set up to help.