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More Than 70 Cats Rescued From Missaukee County Home

Promo Image: More Than 70 Cats Rescued From Missaukee County Home

More than 70 cats found at a Missaukee County home have now been rescued, and some are ready for new homes.

The Missaukee Humane Society got a call last month from state police about a hoarding situation at the home.

They were able to trap about 70 feral cats.

Since then, all have been spayed or neutered and given the proper vaccines.

The humane society says it’s one of their largest and most rewarding rescues.

“This is the biggest case that Missaukee Humane Society has ever seen, as far as cats,” says Robin Stouffer, Missaukee Humane Society. “At first we didn’t think we’d be able to save that many. We figured they’d all end up in a barn. But it’s great they are all coming around and starting to like us.”

So far 14 cats have been adopted.

The rest will be kept for a couple more weeks to put on weight before going up for adoption.

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