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Grayling Restaurant Thank You Facebook Post Goes Viral

Promo Image: Grayling Restaurant Thank You Facebook Post Goes Viral

 A Grayling restaurant is saying thank you to a mystery man who paid for the meals of military members. 

On Monday a man was eating at the Grayling Restaurant when he left $140 to pay for the meals of active military members. 
They put a special thank you on Facebook that’s quickly gotten attention from around the world. 

"I asked everyone who he was and no one knew who he was," Bridget said. 

Some people like to say thank you for your service anonymously. Like one man grabbing a bite to eat at Grayling Restaurant. He went up to pay his bill.

"Asked her to pay for the soldiers sitting at the counter for their meals," Bridget said. 

But the money he left behind went farther than the soldiers sitting in these seats. In all, paying for 16 meals.

"I would like to thank that person, because it’s not like we can’t pay for our meals but just to thank them for being that nice to do that for another person," Jeremie Mead said. 

The restaurant co-owner took to Facebook to say thanks. 

"All I wanted to do was let that gentleman know hey this is what you ended up doing, this is what happened with your money and everyone was so inspired it was great to see something so positive," Bridget said. 

The post grabbed the attention of 2,300 people across the world. But it turns out this isn’t an isolated incident. 

"It happens all the time here it really does and we have people whenever they see military in here people buy their meals almost daily," Bridget said. 

Sometimes, all it takes is something as simple as picking up the tab…

"It makes it that much easier for them to re-enlist and remember why they wear that patch on their ," Jeremie said. 

"Thank you from all of us here at the restaurant he made so many people feel good and feel inspired," Bridget said.