BATA Hopes Grand Traverse, Leelanau County Voters Pass Millage Increase

Local funding for the Bay Area Transportation Authority is on the line Tuesday.

Voters in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties have the chance to vote for a millage increase at the polls.

BATA’s current 0.3447 millage expires at the end of the year.

They’re asking voters to pass a new millage rate at 0.5.

It would be a five year proposal that would help them improve their services.

“So the local property millage today is an essential part of BATA’s funding mechanism,” says Eric Lingaur, communications director for BATA. “It provides 35% of our overall funding and it is essential to continue to provide the services that we have and to offer the additional services that the community is asking for.”

If the millage request doesn’t pass, BATA would have to make cuts to their services.