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Simulator Teaches Petoskey Students The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Promo Image: Simulator Teaches Petoskey Students The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

3 seconds – that’s how long it takes for a distracted driving crash to happen.

This week, Michigan State Police and McLaren Northern Michigan Trauma Program spoke to Petoskey High School students about the dangerous behavior and the life threatening consequences

“Every day across America eight people will be killed in an accident that is related to some kind of distracted driving,” says McLaren Trauma Program Manager, Jane Poquette.

Distracted driving is a mistake thousands of Americans make every day.

McLaren Northern Michigan is working to help stop it.

“We’re here at Petoskey High School along with Michigan State Police, we partnered up, talking about distracted driving and the danger of using any type of distraction whether it be phone, radio, talking to the kids,” explains Poquette.

The dangerous problem is one students say is tied to more than texting.

“A lot of teenagers yeah, texting and driving is a really big thing, but now a days because of technology there’s also Snapchating and Instagram which is also like just as bad,” says student, Erika Wilder.

To show just how distracting cell phones can be, Michigan State Police showed students a distracted driving simulator.

“It was really hard to maneuver it back and forth as I was on my phone because I needed both hands on the wheel to do the simulation and when I didn’t have them there I had to keep switching,” says Wilder.

McLaren is giving out cases with a distracted driving warning label.

“With one text or call could end it all, if you’re phone is in there and it rings or buzzes we’re hoping that the kids will see this and before they reach for that phones they’ll think twice about it,” says Poquette.

They hope students listen to their warning because if not, the end result could cost a whole lot more than points on your driving record.

“Despite whatever the cost of ticket may be, you can’t replace a life and that’s the important thing we want them to understand,” says MSP Community Services Trooper, Corey Hebner.

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