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Coyote Breeding Season: Tips You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Just as some people in Northern Michigan have adapted to busier landscapes, so have animals.

Coyotes are now using human development to their advantage.

We’re in the midst of coyote breeding season.

You may have spotted the animals running around, or heard them barking at night, the resourceful dogs can be seen in backyards and sometimes even cities.

We met up with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for some advice on how to stay safe if you see one.

 “I’ve seen a pack about 12-14, been in my yard and around my yard,” local Roscommon resident, Zachary Sequin is talking about coyotes.

This time of year you may notice more of them around than usual.

DNR Communication Coordinator, Katie Keen says, “This is actually the coyote breeding season so they’re active this time of year there might be more visible out and about. so we get folks who are concerned about just seeing a coyote.”

The wild animals are out and about and used to having to work for their food, so when your garbage is out in the open, what they see is a 5 star dining experience.

“So think about how you’re storing your garbage, If you’re storing it outdoors maybe store it indoors or have it fully sealed with a lid so that they can’t access it or smell it,” says Keen.

But what do you do if the dog is already on your property?

“Making noise when you see it, so harass it a bit when you do see them,” remarks Keen.

“So if they establish, this is a bothersome place I don’t want to be here then they have plenty of other places to go to be.”

One last tip, Keen says keep in mind that it may be someone else in your home the coyote has its eye on, “Now maybe if you have a small pet or a small animal, that could be a concern if you let your dog out at night. So we advise if you have coyotes in the area maybe you’re hearing them at night, you might not want to let your small dog out alone.”

However at the end of the day, Sequin reminds us, “If you see them I mean they’re all our creatures so just you know that they are a dangerous creature, but at the same time they’ll stay away from you as long as you leave them alone.”

If coyotes are becoming a problem at your home and if you have a license, you can legally hunt coyotes year round.

For more information contact your local .

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