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Mason Co. House Purposely Set On Fire By Owner

Promo Image: Mason Co. House Purposely Set On Fire By Owner

Fire crews found a smoldering pile in Mason County.

Deputies say a property owner burned down this house telling them he was just trying to get rid of it.

Mason County deputies along with fire crews were called after a passerby saw flames, but when they got there all that was left was a pile of rubble.

The fire happened Wednesday afternoon on East Sugar Grove in Sheridan Township.

Investigators say a man recently bought the property and the fire was his way of demolishing it.

But what he didn’t know, is before that can happen, the house has to be inspected and all hazardous items removed.

The sheriff says it’s the same reason he could possibly be facing charges.

Sheriff Kim Cole says, “He wasn’t aware of the fact that you have to make sure whatever you’re going to burn is mitigated of any hazardous material and it was obvious from the deputies on the scene’s standpoint that were springs inside the structure like and mattress burned.”

It’s up to the county prosecutor if the man will be charged.