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Grand Traverse Co. Neighborhood Searching for Break-In Suspects

Do you recognize this man? Deputies are trying to find out who he is after he was caught peeking into a car window at three in the morning.

A Grand Traverse County man snapped the images on a security camera he installed outside his garage.

He put it there in response to his car being broken into a few weeks ago at his home on Grouse Drive in Blair Township.

And he’s not the only victim.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have more details on how the neighborhood is coming together to put an end to the break-ins.

“It just makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. Why are they doing this?”

Feelings of uneasiness and an investigation with no answers.

People living in Northern Estates are left wondering who is responsible for breaking into their cars and garages.

“I saw three adolescents in the dark going through his car,” says Tom Worm. “They had the passenger doors open and I think they had little flash lights and they were kind of rummaging through.”

Tom Worm caught three people breaking into his neighbor Daniel’s car.

“At that point I realized it wasn’t my neighbor so I ran in the house, called the police, and by the time I came out I saw they went across the street,” Worm says.

But the crimes didn’t end there.

“The next Tuesday after that they came back around and broke into a bunch more cars in different parts of the neighborhood,” says Daniel Hopkins. “Tried to get into my car, but the car alarm was set off and it scared them away.”

After someone went through Daniel’s car and suspicious activity continued throughout his neighborhood, he installed this security camera, and he’s hoping what he caught on it a few weeks later will help deputies find who is responsible.

“It ended up pulling up these pictures here. Exactly where that cars parked right now, but he was walking around it. It took a bunch of snapshots of him peaking in car windows in the fog,” Hopkins says.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s deputies continue to investigate.

They say thieves have stolen wallets, purses, iPads, alcohol, and various electronics charging cords.

If you recognize this man, or have any information about the other break-ins, call the sheriff’s office.

“I’m hoping now if anyone decides to come back by these cameras will catch them,” says Hopkins.

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