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Kalkaska County Commission on Aging to Undergo Renovations Worth Thousands

Promo Image: Kalkaska County Commission on Aging to Undergo Renovations Worth Thousands

With a growing number of older residents — a local Commission on Aging says it needs more space to accommodate them.

That’s why Kalkaska County’s senior center is making some renovations to its space.

Seniors who use the space are excited to see what happens to it.

And in a building that took shape almost 40 years ago — the Commission says it’s about time.

“This has been a godsend for me, for my husband has been ill. This has been a good place to come find help,” said Bonnie Avery, a senior who uses center.

Bonnie Avery is 72 years old and caring for her husband in his old age.

Fridays are all hers.

Bonnie gets in her car and drives to the senior center to exercise and socialize.

“When you’re a caretaker you become a recluse because you don’t get out. And they send someone to come help stay for a couple of hours so you can get out.”

With a growing senior population, she says the coming changes are necessary.

More office space, new nurse stations, and a new walk-in freezer — just to name a few.

“One of the things is we’re gonna have heated sidewalks. So there won’t be any ice on the sidewalks and the people who know a whole lot more about it than I do say it’s really cost-efficient,” said Walter Dow, a senior who uses the center.

A building renovation is going to take this end of the Commission on Aging and stretch it all the way out to the edges of these cars. That’s going to allow for space for a meeting room.

“We have a meeting room that we’re adding on that will be nice for public meetings that we can use. Whether it’s orgs that use our building monthly, weekly will now have a community room that they can use,” Commission on Aging Director Jodi Wilson.

Built in 1978… The commission says most of the building hasn’t been renovated since — and that this project is necessary so it can stay in good shape for years to come.

“Our plan is to start in the spring. Start April, May and hopefully we’ll be finished by fall.”

The project is expected to cost around 800,000 dollars.