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Man Arrested In Crawford County After Leading Police On High Speed Chase And Running Away

Police arrested a wanted man, but not before he led them on a high speed chase and then ran away.

It started around 8:30 Tuesday morning when a Michigan State Police Trooper tried to pull over a car with a loud muffler.

The man then led police on a 30 mile high speed chase on I-75 near Grayling.

Police reached speeds of 100 miles per hour on I-75 before they were able to get a car in front of him to slow him down.

When they finally caught him, they found he was wanted for serious crimes.

“I was the vehicle that was in front of the suspect and when he attempted to move around me. I moved over a block and he made contact. He spun out in front of me and then I pushed him into the ditch,” says Sgt. Don Bailey, Michigan State Police, Gaylord Post.

There was damage to the patrol car that was able to stop the car leading police on a chase. But the driver got out and took off. State Police then called in the K-9 unit.

“We take him to a known location where our suspect fled so he could pick up a scent trail, and he picks it up there, and tracks him through the woods,” says Bailey.

People who live near the woods where the man was eventually caught, heard about the chase and took precautions.

“I really didn’t know what was going on, I just knew that I need to do a little something about safety because people come walking in on you and you could be in trouble, so I did lock the door,” says Fred Kelly, nearby resident.

After 40 minutes, troopers caught the man. They say without the K-9 unit, it would have been more difficult.

“There’s no way through the woods like this, we would be able to see signs of someone who had come through. There would be a foot print here and there you could find, but not a tell-tale trail and that’s where the dog comes in where they can tell by the scent,” says Bailey.

We’re still working to find out what the man was wanted for.

He’s in the Crawford County jail and is expected to be arraigned in the next couple of days.


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