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Evart Football Preps for Any Challenge Ahead with the Right Mindset

EVART — The Evart football team gave themselves the nickname honey badger, a concept derived from NFL safety Tyrann Mathieu. The nickname allows the players to mentally keep the momentum after winning back-to-back seasons.

“[Honey badgers] don’t back down and that’s what we all strive to be,” said Evart senior Cole Hopkins. “We don’t back down from any challenge. We go head on. We’re not scared. We’re not intimidated by some of the bigger animals, the high level program teams. We invite that challenge.”

One of the biggest challenges that the team is prepared for is losing players due to injury, which was an issue the team ran into last season.

The players live by the motto “next man up.” By following this phrase, the team is ready to step up and fill in for any position if a man is down.

Evart hosts the first game of the season at home against Beaverton.




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