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Nonprofit organization 22-2-None works to support Northern Michigan Veterans

22-2-None is a local Northern Michigan nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of suicide in the Veteran community.

“It gives our, our veterans, our brothers and sisters, a chance to get together again, because when we got out of the service, you kind of went your own separate way. And, you know, you kind of miss that brotherhood and that sisterhood that you had when you were in. So it gives an opportunity, to get together and hang out and go do some fun things. And, you know, maybe make some new friendships, some lifelong friendships through our shared service,” said Ray McDaniel

Ray McDaniel is a Veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1994 to 1998. He tells me that the suicide rate among Veterans is alarming, making programs like 22-2-None crucial to communities.


“When you get out of the service and at least when I got out, they tried to prepare you for the civilian life. here’s how you complete a resume and here’s how you don’t talk to people and, you know, just certain ways to act. And, you know, because a lot of us were really young when we went in. And as we learned how to be an adult in the service, you know, so you’re separated from societal norms and cultural influences and things like that. So when you come out and you’re tossed back into civilian life, you got to try to readjust a little bit. So we’re hoping that we can offer those programs and those ways to, you know, just a little more slowly.” McDaniel said.

While the nonprofit offers many different programs and opportunities for comradery, they understand that sometimes Veterans are faced with challenges that require a different type of support.

“Sometimes we get into a pickle, financially, where, you know, whether it’s, a mortgage bill or a car payment, you know, a utility bill or we need some groceries. and we just can’t quite figure it out. the veterans can reach out to us through a simple application, and we review it as a as a board, and then we will work through that process with the veteran to get that that bill taken care of for them. Because the last thing we want is that one little bill, whether it’s a car payment, you know, and it’s not little at that moment, it’s a it’s a very important thing. And it’s a pretty high stressor. we don’t want that to be the tipping point,” he said.

As we approach Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the true meaning behind the holiday.

“Memorial Day, by definition, is to remember and it’s to remember those that went before us that that fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live the way we’re living right now. Having served with some of those true American heroes, you know, I would say take an opportunity to remember, think. Be grateful, but also celebrate what they’ve done for us. And that’s where the barbecue comes in. That’s where the friends and family come in, where you’re celebrating what they’ve done for us and allowed us to be able to have this life that we have to enjoy the freedoms that we have,” McDaniel said.

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