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Traverse City approves funding agreement for TART Improvement and Expansion Project

TRAVERSE CITY - The TART Trail in Traverse City is going to see an expansion in the next few months. That’s thanks to a funding contract in the amount of $1.2 million from the city that was approved at the May 6 city commission meeting.

This will cover phase one of the TART Improvement and Expansion Project, which includes even more connectivity for the trail system, and multiple cycle and pedestrian multi-use facilities. Officials said this project is about providing a great outdoor experience not only for the local residents but for all visitors who find themselves in Traverse City.

“It’s exciting because of the new connectivity to our parks and the senior center, but it also improves connectivity to downtown,” said TART Trails planning and management director Chris Kushman. “And it also provides a kind of the foundation for our transportation alternatives. The TART trail is one of the best ways to get east and west through Traverse City on bike. And we’re slowly taking what we have and improving that.”

Construction on phase one will coincide with the Grandview Parkway construction to ensure the least amount of disruption possible.

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