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Haley’s Hot Takes: Tom Brady, Celeb Falling, and more!

If you like or even hate Tom Brady you are going to want to clear your schedule for May 5th. Netflix has announced “The Roast of Tom Brady”. The special will be hosted by Kevin Hart and will include a surprise list of roasters! The event will be live and unedited on Netflix.

Weekend two of Coachella went off without a hitch! Well... for most people, during Kid Cudi’s performance he fell and hurt himself. He was in so much pain he even had to cut his set short. On Wednesday, he went on Instagram to tell his fan bad news. After that performance, he found out he broke his heel bone and will have to cancel his upcoming tour.

He wasn’t the only singer to fall this past weekend. During a show in Canada, Luke Bryan accidentally slipped on a fans phone! The fall looked rough as he landed right on his back. Luckily, he got up and even asked his crew if they could replay the fall so he could watch. He continued the show no problem and even performed on this weeks episode of “American Idol”.

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