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TC Paw Cat Rescue receives large donation from 100 Women Who Care

TRAVERSE CITY — TC Paw Cat Rescue, a nonprofit that helps give cats a second chance through rescue, fostering, adoptions and more, just received a large donation.

They got just over $10,000 from 100 Women Who Care to help felines find their forever home or foster family. TC Paw Cat Rescue receives dozens of phone calls every week and the money will be a huge help for purchasing food, litter and other necessities.

“Our biggest expense is vet care,” said TC Paw Cat Rescue president Lisa Chimner. “All the cats need vet care, some of them more than others. The average healthy cat, the cost of their care is probably in the range of $350 to $400. Ones that have medical issues or who are ill could be quite a bit more than that. So that’s our biggest expense with all of our cats.”


TC Paw Cat Rescue averages 80 cats and kittens at any time.

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