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Penny poll in Traverse City asks the average person where they’d put their tax dollars

TRAVERSE CITY — On Tax Day, people in downtown Traverse City were asked to drop a penny in a cup to give their feedback on issues in the area.

Residents were asked to put their pennies in cups corresponding to issues they’d like to see their tax money go toward if it was up to them. Topics included health care, housing, environment, veterans, parks and local farms.

Poll conductor Tom Mair talked with people throughout the day to see how they felt.


“People need to talk. That’s what happens out here on the sidewalk – we talk,” says Mair. “People give their opinions. Everybody’s opinion is worthwhile.

“We don’t ask how they vote,” continued Mair. “We don’t bring up the presidential candidates. It’s meant to be light and hearty and thoughtful.”

Mair will be presenting his results (see below) to local officials.

Ranked results


1. Environment 17%

2. Farms 14%

3. Health Care & Education tied 12%

4. Roads & Bridges 11%


5. Veterans 10%

6. Housing 9%

7. Parks 8%

8. Weapons of War 3%

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