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Dispatch centers recognized for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

TRAVERSE CITY — It’s time to recognize the person on the other side of our emergency calls.

The second full week in April is National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week, a chance to thank those first responders who are truly the first to respond.

These people will deal with high-stress situations daily in order to get people the help they need. Grand Traverse County Dispatch says it takes a special person to be able to take those kinds of calls.


“[They] commit themselves to a 24/7 operation where they’re sacrificing time away from family, working midnight shift, long hours, stressful position,” said Grand Traverse County 911 director Jason Torrey. “Some of the things that you hear on a daily basis, call after call, can take a toll on you. It takes a special person to do the work, and we do have a good team here.”

You can phone in to show your appreciation and thank a local dispatch center by calling their non-emergency number.

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