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Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet: Adult cats make low-key affectionate companions

This week, TC Paws Cat Rescue discusses the importance and value of adopting adult cats. Yes, we all know that kittens are adorable but they are also a lot of work both due to their energy levels and their needs as they are growing. An adult cat still acts like a kitten, but has already been through the process and is typically more relaxed and ready to adapt to your home and schedule.

This month TC Paws Cat Rescue brings in Adorable Adoptable OPAL who is a senior kitty looking for her forever home. As you can see above Opal is a gorgeous and loving older lady who just wants a warm couch to snuggle on. If you want a best friend that low maintenance but will give you the best welcome home, adopt Opal.

Another two adult cats available for adoption are Duma:


And Todd:

For more information or to bring any of these beautiful cats home visit the TC Paws Cat Rescue website.

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