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Haley’s Hot Takes: Beyoncé, Lizzo, and more!

We got a lot to talk about today!

Lets start with Taylor Swift! It was announced that Taylor Swift is getting a radio station dedicated to her on Sirius XM. It will feature all of her hits and will be on channel 13 (duh!). Start listening now because it is only here until May 6th!

Taylor also made news by officially making the Forbes billionaires list. She is ranked at number 2,545 on the list. While she isn’t the first entertainer, she is the first to solely get there by songwriting and performing.


Billie Eilish is teasing new music! While she hasn’t said anything, there have been signs. Reports from “Variety” state that billboards of Eilish’s symbol have been popping up all across the world! The signs also includes words that are suspected lyrics.

Last Friday, Lizzo sent her fans into a panic after she posted a cryptic statement on Instagram. In the statement, she stated that she “quit”. Everyone jumped to conclusions, thinking that this was her saying goodbye to music. The good news is that it is not the case! Lizzo posted a video on Tuesday calming down everyone. In the video, she said she is no longer giving attention to negative energy.

Chance the Rapper and his wife Kirsten Corley are getting a divorce. This past Wednesday, they released a joint statement sharing the split and they love for their family. The couple married in 2019 and have two daughters together.

It has been a week since Beyoncé's new album “Cowboy Carter” has been released and she keeps breaking records! Spotify announced that the album has been the most streamed in a single day so far in 2024. The album only charted to number two on the Apple Music charts, but 26 out of the 27 songs made the Top 100 List.


Even looking ahead the next years’ Grammy’s, she could make history! With the album being a Country/R&B mix she could become the most nominated in one night!

Tune in every Friday on Good Day for Haley’s Hot Takes!

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