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Tuscarora Township gets $1M in federal funds to expand, modernize septic system along Indian River

INDIAN RIVER — A major sewer project in Indian River just got a big boost in funding from the federal government.

Congress approved a bill to allocate $1 million to residential expansion along Indian River. That money will go to phase three of the project, projected to cost about $6.5 million, to modernize and prevent septic system failures in and around the river.

The township said protecting inland waterways in their region that drain into the Great Lakes is a top priority.


“Environmental issues and northern Michigan is a nonpartisan issue. It’s really important for our economy, it’s important for recreation. So we really all agree in this community we need to protect it. And I think we’re well on our way,” said Bob Kramer, township supervisor.

Tuscarora Township plans to start construction on phases one and two, expanding the sewer system at a combined cost of about $14 million, this summer. They will apply for more funding to start phase three later this year.

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