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NMC considers millage to expand college, reduce cost for students in Benzie Co.

TRAVERSE CITY — A meeting this month will help NMC administrators decide whether to extend the college into Benzie County.

NMC has discussed annexing Benzie County since summer 2023. Expanding the college’s district would create a steep discount for Benzie County students, cutting each credit hour from $261 to $122.

NMC President Nick Nissley said they’re seeing more and more interest in the expansion.


“There’s two things we’ve heard in these meetings with folks. One, they say, ‘We really value an NMC, we respect NMC,’ maybe even, ‘I’m an NMC grad or my daughter’s an NMC grad,’ and then there’s a ‘dot, dot, dot’ and the ‘dot, dot, dot’ is, ‘And this is a millage, it’s a taxation, it’s money out of my pocket. Are you going to make it worth it?’” said Nissley.

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NMC’s board of trustees will decide whether to put a millage on the November ballot next month.

You can attend the informational meeting on March 16 at 10 a.m. at Mills Community House in Benzonia for more details.

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