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Isabella County Parks and Recreation has opening day for reservations, campgrounds already full

ISABELLA COUNTY — Tuesday was opening day for camping reservations at the Isabella County Parks and Recreation Campgrounds.

“It started really kind of hard and fast. This morning. We had 370 people check out with their reservations within the first hour. And so those spots were filling up really fast. I know Fourth of July weekend at our Coldwater Lake campground, I think already filled up today,” said Director of Isabella County Parks and Recreation Alexis Hansen.

Making reservations can be tricky, but Hansen says their website makes it easy.


“The easiest way to have a smooth process with the system is to if you haven’t, you can go on, you can create an account so that you will have a username and a log in, you’ll get logged in and then just be ready with your information as far as your camping unit. So what size camper, what type of camping unit do you have? If you’re staying with a group, they’re going to need an adult’s name, address and phone number for each site that they reserve. So if one person’s reserving for a group, they’re going to need a different adult for each site within that group,” Hansen said. “And then I would say, you know, have your dates and your plans formed, but be ready to be flexible because sometimes if you want a certain site and you’re willing to maybe move dates or vice versa, if you need a certain weekend and you’re willing to be flexible with your sites, you’re going to have a lot better luck.”

They have a new updated playground as well as boat launches and ice cream shops.

They also have more quiet campgrounds that offer a woodsy rustic feel, that include fishing opportunities and even more beaches.

“There is a tool on the platform called Build Your Stay. And so let’s say you wanted to stay 15 days, but you couldn’t stay 15 days on one site. You could put your dates in and that tool would help you see which sites you could move to throughout the 15 days so that you could get your full time frame by switching sites,” said Hansen.

To learn more about Isabella County Parks and Recreation, click here.

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