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Wild moose chase! Traverse City man and friends capture the moment a moose chases them down ski hill

Wild moose chase!

TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City chiropractor and his friends have quite an unusual story to tell after going skiing in Wyoming.

Dr. Ken Rynearson was at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming with several of his friends when they spotted a moose chasing them down the hill. Yes, you read that right, a moose!

Rynearson was able to capture the huge animal on video as it clearly chased them down the hill, and his friends did as well. They posted the videos to Facebook, which you can see here (Rynearson’s video) and a blended video from three angles posted by Alex Momot here.


The incident is definitely unique, as Rynearson pointed out on his Facebook post: “I did not have Moose chasing us down the Mtn on my bingo card.”

Rynearson works at East Bay Chiropractic in Traverse City, and thankfully they were able to avoid the moose and any potential back injuries!

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