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Munson Family Residency Program sets up students for success

The Munson Health Care Family Practice Residency is a three year program that provides a variety of hands-on experiences for individuals who’ve attended medical school and are taking the next step in achieving their goals.

“Our goal is really to train family medicine physicians for full spectrum comprehensive medicine, and hopefully those providers will stay in Northern Michigan. You know, most family medicine providers these days only do medicine in the office. They do outpatient medicine. We aim to give full spectrum training, inpatient sick people in the hospital, obstetrics, pediatrics, along with that comprehensive outpatient training as well. So, I think it well suits our residents for a variety of career paths in family medicine,” said Residency Director J. William Rawlin.

The program takes six residents each year and allows residents to cater to the certain area of medicine they are most interested in and looking to pursue in their medical career.


“Anybody coming to this residency, know that you’ll be supported in whatever way that you’d like to be supported and that you can venture into your own interests. But you’ll also be very competent to be able to help people in the hospital in an outpatient setting and to really provide care to anybody,” said third year resident, Dr. Maxwell Uschuk.

Learn more about the Munson Family Residency Program here.

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