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Neebish Island residents pack boardroom to question abrupt end of late evening ferry service

CHIPPEWA COUNTY — There was a packed boardroom Tuesday morning at the Eastern U.P. Transportation Authority to question the abrupt ending of the late evening ferry service.

Neebish Island in Chippewa County is home to just over 50 year-round residents, but in the warmer months the population explodes to around 600.

Many of those residents filled the room waiting for answers as to why, unexpectedly, at last month’s board meeting the 10 p.m. ferry service was discontinued for the upcoming 2024 summer season.


The board also considered eliminating the 7 and 8 p.m. ferry services over the winter months, but residents asked the board not to take any more action without further discussions. The last ferry service would then be 6 p.m.

The board agreed to have better lines of communication.

“They are going to do a study committee and have Neebish residents be on that committee for the first time to discuss how it impacts us because it’s really critical,” David Livingston, a part-time resident of Neebish Island, said.

The transportation director also said that hiring another captain would help with the service, but there has not been any interest in t hat job.

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