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Continue the conversation at Ferris State University’s Museum of Sexist Objects

BIG RAPIDS — A museum located at Ferris State is looking to educate people about sexism in the United States.

The Museum of Sexist Objects is located inside the former home of the Jim Crow Museum. The museum was started in 2013 by Tracy Busch, a professor of history at Ferris. She began the museum while teaching a global women’s activism class, and this semester they started an intergenerational storytelling community.

“We like women of all ages to come and to talk about their stories, and we use the objects here in the space to precipitate those stories. So that’s one of many things we’re doing. We also have a traveling exhibit, so anybody who wants to maybe a library that wants to have conversations about sexism, it’s a very good way to do so,” Busch said.

The museum hopes to expand to a larger location in the future.

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