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Central Michigan University’s new STEM InSciTE Program one of the first in the Country

There’s a new STEM program at Central Michigan University, teaching students skills that are often overlooked.

It’s called InSciTE, which is the integration of science, technology and engineering. The program is one of the first in the country.

“In STEM historically, we haven’t been a very inclusive field,” said Wiline Pangle, director of InSciTe.


Through the program, students earn a certificate that complements the College of Science and Engineering majors.

“In today’s world, we have a diverse society, and we have to teach our students how to work together, value each other’s experiences and realize that everybody brings a unique perspective,” explained Pangle.

Over four years, students learn skills important in the workforce, especially in labs.

“It’s things like how to work collaboratively in a productive way, conflict resolution, time management, communication with scientists or non-scientists,” said Pangle.


The key to the InSciTE program is diversity. Students from different backgrounds and fields of interest include engineering, biology, meteorology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and math statistics.

The program is something Pangle wishes she had when she was a student.

“When I went through school, I did not have those experiences where I felt my differences were valued. So being able to do that and seeing how much it resonates, it’s just incredible,” said Pangle.

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