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Cherry Capital Airport Expanding Flights for Summer

The Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City is getting ready for the summer wave of travelers. The airport recently announced an expectation of an 18% increase in seats for their market.

Delta will also be adding more flights to Atlanta, Minneapolis, and St. Paul for the summer.

Airport Executive Director, Kevin Klein says that even though Traverse City is a tourist destination, the increase in travel they have seen is much more than just tourists.


“When we look at the tourist industry, of course, we’re a destination. We’ve always been summertime Northern Michigan, but I think our business industry has definitely changing,” said Klein. “You know, when we look over the last few months of business travel, our first quarter is up considerably almost 13% over the previous year, and that’s due to the business traveler returning to the market”

If you’re planning your summer vacation or business trip, find more flight information here.

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