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Marty Colburn, City Manager of Traverse City, Announces His Resignation

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Marty Colburn, the city manager of Traverse City, announced his plans to resign as soon as it’s authorized by the City Commission.

They plan to make a decision on the terms of his departure at their next regular meeting on Monday. Under the current plan, Colburn would leave his position on Monday and receive a $97,038.49 payout. Colburn has been the city manager since June 22, 2015.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the City of Traverse City and I have enjoyed my time here. The city organization has an excellent staff and I know that they, along with the City Commission, our boards and committees as well as the input from our citizenry, will continue to do great things,” said Colburn.


Mayor Rickard I. Lewis said the City wishes him “all the best.”

“The City Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, April 10, 2023, to consider appointing an Interim City Manager and authorizing the related agreement. Until that time, Assistant City Manager Penny Hill will act in that capacity. I have taken the liberty and spoken with Ms. Hill, and she has indicated that her current priorities and responsibilities do not allow enough time to serve as Interim City Manager for an extended period of time,” said Mayor Lewis.

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