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Gotion Meeting Changed to Virtual After Outside Groups Call for Protest

Green Charter Township had plans to host an in-person panel about Gotion’s proposed EV Battery plant. Experts from all areas of the project, including EGLE, Gotion Incorporated, and Green Charter Township would be there to answer questions. But now those plans have changed.

Jim Chapman, the supervisor of Green Charter Township said all the misinformation that has been spread, especially on social media, has gotten out of control.

“There is within our area and within the United States, a serious concern about communist China. And as far as I’m concerned, they should be. I’m concerned about them too. But somehow people have transferred that fear to this international company,” said Chapman.


He said the unfounded rumors persist.

“Our problem is, is that there are some that I hate to say it that are using Antifa is like tactics to stop the spread of information. They don’t want the facts out there. They don’t want information out there. They only want their propaganda,” he said.

It’s gotten so bad, Chapman said Green Charter Township is changing the in-person panel discussion they had planned to have at Ferris State University to a virtual forum.

“This is the best way to reach the people with a minimum amount of sideshow, and it’s not that people don’t have the right to speak, they do and there are occasions to do it. That’s not what this is designed for,” said Chapman.


Chapman said groups from as far away as Detroit have been organizing on social media, planning to protest at the meeting.

“We know of three large outside groups that are organizing to bring up mobs of people in signs to wave and this type of thing. These agitators are going to try and stop any communication,” said Chapman.

Chapman said that’s why holding the meeting is still important, it’s a way to get the truth out.

“My responsibility is to get the facts out to the people for them to make their decisions, for them to have that. Right now, all they’re getting is the fear mongering and the rumors and the innuendos,” said Chapman.

The meeting is set for next Wednesday, April 5th at 6:30pm. The deadline to submit questions for the meeting is Monday, April 3rd. For more information about the meeting or how to submit questions about Gotion, please click here.

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