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Got Pancakes? The DNR is Passing the Maple Syrup

It’s time to get your fingers sticky!

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is holding a class to learn all about the syrup-making process.

The Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center in Cadillac will be hosting the class April 1-2. People will get to have both an indoor and outdoor experience with hands-on lessons. The lessons will go over the tools you need, how to process sap and the proper way to can your syrup.


Seasonal interpreter John Zakrajsek says that this type of maple is different, and because of that, people will get the chance to make some sweet treats.

“It has a little different flavor. I say it has a flavor all on its own, and some people really really enjoy that. And not only the syrup, but you can also make syrup candies,” Zakrajsek said.

The DNR will be having more upcoming clinics that are open to the public with outdoor activities as well.

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