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Grand Traverse Road Commission Closes Bluff Road

We have an update on a Grand Traverse County Road on Old Mission Peninsula.

The County Road Commission board members met Thursday night to discuss the next steps for Bluff Road.

The road has been on the Road Commission’s radar since 2019 due to erosion, and it’s currently closed to thru traffic. Now, the decision was made to de-certify Bluff Road, effectively fencing off the 1,500-foot stretch of road and only making it available to foot traffic for the time being.


The Road Commission says that this isn’t an abandonment of the road.

“We are still actively looking for a funding source to have it repaired and to the board made a commitment last night to be looking continuously with the township so that we could get a solution and have this road reopened to vehicular traffic as soon as the funds become available,” Brad Kluczynski, Grand Traverse County Road Commissioner, said.

A fence will be put around the eroded section of the road in the next few weeks.

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