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Elevate It

Evart Promise Plus Helps Students Achieve Their Post-High School Education

Evart Promise Plus is creating a thriving community by investing in schools and improving access to post-secondary education through scholarships, career and college readiness, and support programs.

The EPP wants to redefine the word “college” and help kids with whatever their post-high school education looks like. That might mean a bachelors degree, associates, 6-month trade program, or 3-month apprenticeship. Evart Promise Plus wants to help students follow their passion so they can come back to the community and make it a better place.

Jessica Kolenda, EPP board officer, and BreAnne Grabill, environmental scientist, are here to tell us more about the impact of this program.

The next event to raise money for Evart Promise Plus is their Boots & Pearls Gala on Apr. 22. You can get tickets on their website.

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