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Plans For EV Battery Plant In Big Rapids Township Still Up in the Air

Plans for an EV battery park near Big Rapids may be on hold, but it’s not off the table just yet. Or at least that’s the word from Gotion.

Company spokesperson Chuck Thelen said plans to build in both Big Rapids Charter Township and Green Charter Township were changed.

Gotion is pausing the portion of the plant that would be in Big Rapids Township and is instead focusing on plans for Green Township. Gotion notified the two townships of the changes more than a week ago.


Thelen said Gotion is continuing to collaborate with Big Rapids Township and hopes they can eventually reach an agreement.

“The reason for the pause is because we do not have yet a framework of an agreement for the use of that property. And because we did have to meet some other deadlines to start prepare for permit submissions, we had to make a decision on how to lay out the site with the property that was confirmed,” said Thelen.

Big Rapids Charter Township Supervisor Bill Stanek said after hearing Gotion’s latest comments, he is more hopeful that they will be able to come to an agreement.

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