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MSP and Road Commissions Continue Their Winter Storm Work Thursday Morning

The winter storm can cause dangerous driving conditions when out on the roads.

Michigan State Police say if you go out on the roads, ensure you are prepared and careful.

Before leaving your house, ensure all the lights on your vehicle are working, tires are properly inflated and windshields clear.


Michigan State Police does have extra troopers on the roads to help assist drivers during the storm.

“They are prepared to assist. The more traffic there is, the more problems there possibly could be, and the more time it takes for troopers and other officers to respond to your situation. So please be prepared. Drive cautious. Make sure your vehicles are in proper working order,” said SPL/Lt. Derrick Carroll Seventh District Public Information Officer.

Road commissions are constantly working around the clock to keep the roads clear.

The Wexford County Road Commission wants to remind people not to push the snow across the road when plowing or snow blowing your driveway.


“That creates unsafe conditions for the traveling public. The change in the surface condition can make an icy or slushy spot,” explained Karl Hanson, Engineer at Wexford County Road Commission. “Then plow drivers have to take care of it, and it is illegal to push snow across the road.”

The Wexford County Road Commission also says to give plow trucks space on the road.

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