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‘Save Cornwall Flooding’ Campaign Gains Momentum

Grassroots efforts to keep a popular fishing spot in Northern Michigan are gaining more attention and more support.

The Cornwall Flooding Dam in Cheboygan County is a popular place for fishing and looking at wildlife.

The DNR, owns the dam and recently announced that the water levels would have to be drawn down over safety concerns. The DNR also confirmed that most likely the dam will have to be removed after funding to repair or replace it fell short. But a grassroots campaign to save the dam is getting bigger and louder.


Nunda Township Clerk, Linda Manier said removing the Cornwall Flooding Dam is not a welcome option.

“They’re devastated. Most of these people have grown up fishing in and hunting and camping in that area, and they’re just devastated by it,” said Manier.

Manier introduced a resolution at the township board meeting on Tuesday, asking the state to find the funds needed to repair and maintain the dam. It passed unanimously.

For the organizer of the grassroots campaign “Save Cornwall”, Curtis Goldsborough, that’s only the beginning.


“Obviously, we’re super excited to have you know, the support from Nunda Township, but it’s so much bigger than that,” said Goldsborough.

He said other places like Cheboygan County, Ellis Township, and other local municipalities were talking about or have already passed similar resolutions.

“Cornwall touches so many people across multiple counties and really across the state,” said Goldsborough.

An online petition has already garnered more than 1,200 signatures and he hopes to use that and the resolutions make their case to the Director of the DNR.


A spokesman for the DNR said he’s all for finding another source of funding, but also says they need to think about funding not just the replacement or repairs, but also maintenance.

Manier said they just need more time to find the cash, something she feels positively about, especially with the support of local lawmakers.

“The permit that was issued to them is good until 2026. I feel that we need to they need to afford us a little more time to go to the legislature and try to find funding for this,” said Manier.

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