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This Obituary for Beloved Dog is the Sweetest Thing You’ll Read This Week

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Reading newspaper obituaries can be interesting. Sometimes you’ll find ones that are absolutely hilarious. Sometimes there are brutal ones where the surviving family felt betrayed or abandoned by the deceased and didn’t hold back with their thoughts.

And then sometimes, you find one written about a beloved family pet.

An obit recently published on the Leelanau Enterprise was written for Henry “The Dog” Bachmeyer, and it’s one of the best obituaries you’ll ever read. It’s sad, sweet, funny and simply just an amazing tribute to a beloved member of the family.


In the write-up, Henry’s owner talks about how he was adopted (found him on YouTube), how he lived life (to the fullest) and how he passed (of lymphoma at age 15).

The entire thing is a gem, but the parts about Henry’s shenanigans are simply incredible.

“Henry was an escape artist with at least nine lives. He was always looking for a human that would contact me when he was lost,” his owner wrote.

It went on: “He could eat a car bumper and loved Oreos and chicken wings. He had a big appetite. Once he ate 16 brats and was hospitalized for 3 days in Traverse City. He was famous for opening glass doors at Target and walking in to find a friend to help.”


Read the entire obit here.

In conclusion, Henry’s owner said, “He was a cool dog” and asked that donations be sent to the Leland Historical Society or an animal hospice in Florida.

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