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The Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau Raising Awareness About Protecting Our Natural Resources

The Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau is teaming up with a few national non-profits to raise awareness about protecting our natural resources.

The visitor’s bureau is teaming up with the groups Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace in an effort to remind people about responsible outdoor recreation.

The executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau, Kathy Morin, said Tread Lightly focuses on motorized recreation and covers topics like staying on the trails and making sure you’re riding on the right side of the trail to avoid head on crashes. Leave No Trace focuses on non-motorized recreation and covers issues like planning ahead, respecting wildlife, and not littering.


“You want people to visit, and we want them to experience our trails and all the activities that we have, but we also want them to do it responsibly. We want them to do it safely. We want to have these assets available for years and years to come,” said Morin.

The partnership with Tread Lightly is the first within the state of Michigan. And Cadillac’s partnership with Leave No Trace is their third in the state.