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Skiers and Snowboarders Travel to Crystal Mountain to Enjoy the Snow

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This is a busy time of year for ski resorts and Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville is seeing an increase in guests because of the snowfall.

The resort says “typically this is always a busy week for us because of the holidays and everyone’s out of school. But if you add exceptional conditions out on the slopes, then it’s just making us even more busier.”

The resort tells us even with this increase in guests, their employees are ready for the crowds. They say when people started “seeing the forecast and seeing that fresh snow, the phones certainly start ringing. So now people are just calling to see if they can stay a little bit longer or, you know, extend their reservation to really expand their time on the slopes.”

With all this snow, skiers and snowboarders have been lined up since opening to hit the slopes. One girl says he is loving this snow, “this is like the best thing ever!”

Another snowboarder has been coming to Crystal Mountain for years, he shares that “Crystal makes a good park with rails and all the jumps and stuff, so it’s always fun to come out.”

One family came all the way from Indiana just for the snow. The whole family takes part in winter sports and they say they come up to Crystal Mountain because there was “more snow and we came to ski up here and snowboard.”

After the snow storm passed and winds died down, the weather conditions were ideal for these skiers. One skier hasn’t been to Crystal Mountain in years but is glad he made it out this week since “conditions are great. It’s not too cold. It’s not windy.”

Crystal mountain is excited to have their slopes filled, they tell us they “could easily see a few thousand people every day, but luckily we’re open nine to nine so people can ski throughout the day and they’re spread out across 49 slopes that we have open.”



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