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Hook & Hunting: Cold Temps Bring Ice Fishing Season

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As the temperatures plummet over the next two weeks, we are sure to see more inland lakes hardening up and that means ice shanties and tip ups will cover that ice sheet.

Gregory Clark at Schafer’s Bait and Sporting Goods in Weidman said it was Dec. 23 last year when fishermen finally had enough ice to get out, but in years past it had been as early as Thanksgiving.

He says since the pandemic there have been more people getting into the sport and he has seen people coming recently stocking up, getting ready for the first day of solid ice.

“Ice jigs, poles, ice cleats, you know it gets slippery the first ice, there’s no snow on it so it’s usually pretty slippery,” said Clark. “We had ice a few weeks ago so it probably won’t take very long. A couple  good nights where it gets down into the single digits, and it stays in the teens during the day, wind doesn’t blow hard, guys will be out there in 2 inches of ice.”

The DNR reminds fishermen that no ice is safe ice but always have a safety plan in place, and people at home know your plan, before heading out.

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