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High School Students Discuss Youth Mental Health

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Students at East Jordan High School in Charlevoix County are stepping up, hoping to bring attention to a major issue.

Youth mental health is on the minds of many of these students and they believe that having open conversations and normalizing it will help students who may be suffering, get the help they need.

School can be a stressful place for students, especially after the pandemic, but with fellow students sharing their stories and personal experiences, they hope to help at least one of their peers.

One 10th grader tells us she and her classmates “all have different stressors. and I think that it’s important that we talk about it so we can help each other, grow and find solutions.”

Outside of the classroom, parents can help their child out too. The Health Department of Northwest Michigan tells us that parents should look out for small changes in behavior like being quieter than usual or acting differently than normal.


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